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18 May

Five Absolutely Crazy Deals at Well.ca

Well.ca has five absolutely crazy deals they’re offering new customers this weekend – from now until Monday. There’s a limit of one crazy deal per customer and payment must be made by credit card. Did you know that Well.ca offers free shipping to almost all locations in Canada?

Here are the crazy deals:  

Brita Pitcher Replacement Filters - $29.49 Regular, SAVE $15 with Coupon Code BRITA15

Bio Oil - $33.99 Regular, SAVE $15 with Coupon Code BIOOIL15

Whey Gourmet High Protein Shake - $48.99 Regular, SAVE $20 off regular price with Coupon Code WHEY20

Ticket to Ride - $53.89 Regular, Save $20 with Coupon Code TICKET20

WaterPik Ultra Water Flosser - $69.99 Regular, Save $30 with Coupon Code WATERPIK30

They also still have their method flash sale going on – available to all customers! This is a VERY popular brand and method is currently on sale for 25% off.

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